Extrinsic innervation of the rat kidney: a retrograde tracing study.

  title={Extrinsic innervation of the rat kidney: a retrograde tracing study.},
  author={Vincent H. Gattone and Carl F Marfurt and S Dallie},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={250 2 Pt 2},
To determine the exact modalities involved in the innervation of the kidney, the present study used a nerve-tracing method with horseradish peroxidase-wheat germ agglutinin (HRP-WGA) as the tracer. Multiple injections of HRP-WGA were made in each of the left kidneys of 12 rats while another four had the HRP-WGA either dripped onto their intact renal mesothelial surface or injected intravascularly. After retrograde transport of the tracer to neurons of origin (i.e., 72-h survival), the rats were… CONTINUE READING
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