Extrinsic Value

  title={Extrinsic Value},
  author={Ben Bradley},
  journal={Philosophical Studies},

How Nature Matters

How Nature Matters presents an original theory of nature’s value based on part–whole relations. In so doing, it solves the difficult problem of how we should conceptualize nature’s cultural values.

Value Change in Energy Systems

The ongoing energy transition toward more sustainable energy systems implies a change in the values for which such systems are designed. The energy transition however is not just about sustainability

Diversity by Design: Balancing Protection and Inclusion in Social Networks

The question of how technology-mediated social platforms could accommodate diversity by design is answered, by balancing the often competing values of protection and inclusion, in the context of the EU-funded project “WeNet – The Internet of Us”.

Moral consideration of nonhumans in the ethics of artificial intelligence

The paper argues that nonhumans merit moral consideration, meaning that they should be actively valued for their own sake and not ignored or valued just for how they might benefit humans.

Philosophy of Well-Being for the Social Sciences

In this chapter, the author provides an introduction to philosophical work on well-being. He begins by explaining the specific kinds of questions that philosophers are interested in when it comes to

Moral luck and responsible innovation management

The study discusses the three roles of normative assumption in the theory and practice of innovation management: (1) they define the value of innovation, (2) specify its luck, and (3) determine some

Warrants to conserve

This paper is about reasons to conserve, in particular why some things warrant being conserved. In discussing G. A. Cohen’s conservatism, I find strains of four answers to the question why,

Goldman and Siegel on the Epistemic Aims of Education

Philosophers have claimed that education aims at fostering disparate epistemic goals. In this paper we focus on an important segment of this debate involving conversation between Alvin Goldman and