Extrinsic Methods for Coding and Dictionary Learning on Grassmann Manifolds

  title={Extrinsic Methods for Coding and Dictionary Learning on Grassmann Manifolds},
  author={Mehrtash Tafazzoli Harandi and Richard I. Hartley and Chunhua Shen and Brian C. Lovell and Conrad Sanderson},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Vision},
Sparsity-based representations have recently led to notable results in various visual recognition tasks. In a separate line of research, Riemannian manifolds have been shown useful for dealing with features and models that do not lie in Euclidean spaces. With the aim of building a bridge between the two realms, we address the problem of sparse coding and dictionary learning in Grassmann manifolds, i.e., the space of linear subspaces. To this end, we propose to embed Grassmann manifolds into the… CONTINUE READING
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