Extremity veins: evaluation with fast-spin-echo MR venography.

  title={Extremity veins: evaluation with fast-spin-echo MR venography.},
  author={David A. Bluemke and Ronald L. Wolf and Ichiro Tani and S. Tachiki and Elliot R. McVeigh and Elias A. Zerhouni},
  volume={204 2},
The authors evaluated a flow-independent magnetic resonance (MR) imaging technique in extremity veins with slow flow that relies on the prolonged T2 of blood to create angiographic contrast. A commercially available heavily T2-weighted fast-spin-echo sequence was optimized for MR venography in volunteer and phantom studies. Good depiction of venous anatomy was routinely obtained with the optimized method. Fast-spin-echo MR venography allowed evaluation of slow-flow systems such as the calf and… CONTINUE READING

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