Extremity Mobilization After Split-Thickness Skin Graft Application: A Survey of Current Burn Surgeon Practices.

  title={Extremity Mobilization After Split-Thickness Skin Graft Application: A Survey of Current Burn Surgeon Practices.},
  author={H. Retrouvey and A. Adibfar and Shahriar Shahrokhi},
  journal={Annals of Plastic Surgery},
PURPOSE To determine the current postoperative mobilization care practice patterns of burn surgeons after split-thickness skin grafting and to assess potential inconsistencies in management strategies. METHODS A cross-sectional study of active burn surgeons was conducted with an online questionnaire (SurveyMonkey) comprising 7 demographic and 22 mobilization-related questions. RESULTS Seventy-three (22%) of the 337 members of the American Burn Association mailing list consented to… Expand


Effect of early mobilisation after skin grafting to lower limbs.
  • L. Wallenberg
  • Medicine
  • Scandinavian journal of plastic and reconstructive surgery and hand surgery
  • 1999
The overall primary healing rate of the grafts in patients who had been mobilised early was 20/25 (80%), which did not differ from that among patients who were mobilised late (22/25) (88%). Expand
Mobilisation versus Bed Rest after Skin Grafting Pretibial Lacerations: A Meta-Analysis
In the available literature, there is no difference between early mobilisation and bed rest for the healing of skin grafts to pretibial wounds, and Corticosteroids exert a negative effect on skin graft healing unlike earlyMobilisation, which does not cause increased haematoma, bleeding, infection, or delayed donor site healing. Expand
When should patients begin ambulating following lower limb split skin graft surgery? A systematic review
Although the literature advocated early ambulation, the evidence base presented with a number of recurrent methodological limitations, including small sample sizes, lack of a control sample, and limited follow-up, further research employing large, well-designed, randomised controlled trials is recommended. Expand
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons' Knowledge and Comfort of Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy: A Survey of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
According to PS, CPM dialogue appears to be patient driven and dominated by a perceived increased risk of contralateral cancer, and the majority have the opinion that the benefits of CPM are worth the additional risk. Expand
Pretibial injuries in the elderly: a prospective trial of early mobilisation versus bed rest following surgical treatment.
In a prospective, randomised trial comparing early mobilisation with the traditional method of a period of in-patient bed rest after surgical treatment, no statistically significant difference has been found in the percentage area of skin graft take at either 1 or 3 weeks postoperatively. Expand
Practice Guidelines for Early Ambulation of Burn Survivors after Lower Extremity Grafts
The objective of this review was to systematically evaluate the available clinical evidence for early ambulation of burn survivors after lower extremity skin grafting procedures so that practiceExpand
Ethical Issues in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgical Innovation: Perspectives of Plastic Surgeons
Overall, the authors’ survey suggests that more effort must be extended to ethical training in plastic surgery to create a stronger professional atmosphere regarding innovation and, possibly, to the creation of a more formal group charged with oversight of innovation. Expand
How soon is safe? Ambulation of the patient with burns after lower-extremity skin grafting.
Patients with burns of the lower extremity that require skin grafting were randomized into three groups to determine when postgraft ambulation could be safely resumed and there was a significant difference in length of hospital stay when patients who dangled on postoperative day 6 were compared with patients whodangled onPostoperative day 10. Expand
Discussing sexuality in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery: a national survey of current practice in the Netherlands
In plastic surgery practice, sexuality appears to be a rarely discussed subject, with the gender and genital surgery subspecialties as the exception. Expand
Results of a Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial of Early Ambulation for Patients With Lower Extremity Autografts
Burn patients with lower extremity autografts can safely ambulate on POD 1 without fear of graft failure compared with those patients that remain on bed rest for 5 days. Expand