Extremely fast acceleration of cosmic rays in a supernova remnant

  title={Extremely fast acceleration of cosmic rays in a supernova remnant},
  author={Yasunobu Uchiyama and Felix A. Aharonian and Takaaki Tanaka and Tadayuki Takahashi and Yoshitomo Maeda},
Galactic cosmic rays (CRs) are widely believed to be accelerated by shock waves associated with the expansion of supernova ejecta into the interstellar medium. A key issue in this long-standing conjecture is a theoretical prediction that the interstellar magnetic field can be substantially amplified at the shock of a young supernova remnant (SNR) through magnetohydrodynamic waves generated by cosmic rays. Here we report a discovery of the brightening and decay of X-ray hot spots in the shell of… CONTINUE READING
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