Extreme ultraviolet observations from voyager 1 encounter with jupiter.

  title={Extreme ultraviolet observations from voyager 1 encounter with jupiter.},
  author={A. Lyle Broadfoot and Michael J. S. Belton and P{\'e}ter Tak{\'a}cs and Bill R. Sandel and D. E. Shemansky and Jay B. Holberg and Joseph M. Ajello and Sushil K. Atreya and Thomas M. Donahue and H. Warren Moos and J. L. Bertaux and Jacques Blamont and Darrell F. Strobel and J. Colin McConnell and Alexander Dalgarno and Roger S. Goody and Xinyu Chen},
  volume={204 4396},
Observations of the optical extreme ultraviolet spectrum of the Jupiter planetary system during the Voyager 1 encounter have revealed previously undetected physical processes of significant proportions. Bright emission lines of S III, S IV, and O III indicating an electron temperature of 10(5) K have been identified in preliminary analyses of the Io plasma torus spectrum. Strong auroral atomic and molecular hydrogen emissions have been observed in the polar regions of Jupiter near magnetic… CONTINUE READING

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