Extreme thrombocytosis predicts Kawasaki disease in infants.

  title={Extreme thrombocytosis predicts Kawasaki disease in infants.},
  author={Lise E. Nigrovic and Peter A Nigrovic and Marvin B. Harper and Vincent W Chiang},
  journal={Clinical pediatrics},
  volume={45 5},
Infants with Kawasaki disease are at high risk of developing life-threatening coronary complications, yet may elude timely diagnosis because they often lack the full complement of classic clinical features. We retrospectively studied 26,540 children 1 year of age or less who were evaluated at a tertiary care pediatric emergency department in whom a platelet count was performed. Among those infants with fever without a source identified, 8.5% with platelet counts of 800,000 cells/mm(3) or… CONTINUE READING

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