Extreme events in chaotic lasers with modulated parameter.

  title={Extreme events in chaotic lasers with modulated parameter.},
  author={Cyrille M{\'e}tayer and Alexandre Serres and Enma Rosero and Weider Alves Barbosa and Fl{\'a}via Maciel de Aguiar and Jos{\'e} Roberto Leite and Jorge R. Tredicce},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={22 17},
We study a theoretical model describing a laser with a modulated parameter, concentrating on the appearance of extreme events, also called optical rogue pulses. It is shown that two conditions are required for the appearance of such events in this type of nonlinear system: the existence of generalized multi-stability and the collisions of chaotic attractors with unstable orbits in external crisis, expanding the attractor to visit new regions in phase space.