Extreme climatic events shape arid and semiarid ecosystems

  title={Extreme climatic events shape arid and semiarid ecosystems},
  author={Milena Holmgren and Paul Stapp and Chris R. Dickman and Carlos De Gracia and Sonia Graham and Julio R. Guti{\'e}rrez and Christine L. Hice and Fabian M. Jaksic and Douglas A. Kelt and Mike Letnic and Mauricio Lima and Bernat Claramunt L{\'o}pez and Peter L. Meserve and W. Bryan Milstead and Gary A. Polis and M. Andrea Previtali and Michael Richter and Santi Sabat{\'e} and Francisco A. Squeo},
tally a climatic and oceanographic phenomenon, but it has profound effects on terrestrial ecosystems as well. Although the ecological effects of ENSO are becoming increasingly known from a wide range of terrestrial ecosystems (Holmgren et al. 2001; Wright 2005), their impacts have been most intensively studied in arid and semiarid systems. Because inter-annual variability in precipitation is such a strong determinant of productivity in dry ecosystems, increased ENSO rainfall (Panel 1) is… CONTINUE READING