Extreme Philanthropy: Philanthrocapitalism, Effective Altruism, and the Discourse of Neoliberalism

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Philanthropy and the Politics of Well-Being

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Shifting Notions of Philanthropy: Themes in Scholarship and Practice

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Philanthrocapitalism and the Separation of Powers

  • L. Mcgoey
  • Economics
    Annual Review of Law and Social Science
  • 2021
This article discusses the rise of an approach to philanthropic giving known as philanthrocapitalism. I relate it to a new paradigm in management theory that has claimed that private profit making

The management and organization of philanthropy: New directions and contested undercurrents

The steadily maturing academic scholarship on philanthropy and philanthropic institutions (cf. Jung, Phillips and Harrow, 2016; Wiepking and Handy, 2015; Ma and Konrath, 2018) is the focus of this

Foundations of Radical Philanthropy

As an institution that often seeks to redress global inequality and poverty, philanthropy is commonly dismissed as either masking structural causes, an insufficient response, or a contribution to the

Elite philanthropy in the United States and United Kingdom in the new age of inequalities

Elite philanthropy—voluntary giving at scale by wealthy individuals, couples and families—is intimately bound up with the exercise of power by elites. This theoretically oriented review examines how

Capital, Charity and the Crown: Philanthrocapitalism and Monarchy in Thailand

ABSTRACT This article examines the legacy of King Rama IX, its impact on the business sector in Thailand, and the collective memories of the business elite after the king passed away in late 2016. It

Philanthropy to the rescue? Detroit’s schools and urban policymaking under austerity

  • D. Cohen
  • History
    Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space
  • 2021
As municipal governments in the US struggle under austerity, philanthropic elites have seemingly come to the rescue. Their money has not come without strings attached, however. By leveraging

Billionaires in Global Philanthropy: a Decade of the Giving Pledge

After a decade of its existence, this analysis of the Giving Pledge population and its commitment letters shows an overall dominance of white, male, and US-based billionaires among the signatories.

Philanthrocapitalism: Promoting Global Health but Failing Planetary Health

Focusing on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) as a case study, this paper explores the relationship between philanthrocapitalism, economic history, and global and planetary health. The



Policy Plutocrats: How America’s Wealthy Seek to Influence Governance

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Repugnant to the Whole Idea of Democracy? On the Role of Foundations in Democratic Societies

  • R. Reich
  • Philosophy
    PS: Political Science & Politics
  • 2016
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More than Patrons: How Foundations Fuel Policy Change and Backlash

  • S. Reckhow
  • Political Science
    PS: Political Science & Politics
  • 2016
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Philanthropy and cultural imperialism : the foundations at home and abroad

Philanthropy and Cultural Imperialism is intended as a source book on the origins, workings, and consequences of modern general-purpose foundations. The text encompasses the activities of

Who's Afraid of Philanthrocapitalism?

This Article explores the concept of philanthrocapitalism - an emerging model for charitable giving intended to enhance the practice of philanthropy through the application of certain business

Philanthropy in an Era of Global Governance

The contemporary emphasis on philanthropic action represents a significant shift in the locus of responsibility for human well-being. Once regarded as the province of national governments, social

Philanthropy or solidarity? Ethical dilemmas about humanitarianism in crisis‐afflicted Greece

That philanthropy perpetuates the conditions that cause inequality is an old argument shared by thinkers such as Karl Marx, Oscar Wilde and Slavoj Žižek. I recorded variations of the same argument in

A Critique of the Discourse of Marketized Philanthropy

Philanthropy has received increased attention in recent years and is an important focus for social theorists concerned with discourse. The authors argue that the transformative potential of

Poverty relief: philanthropy versus changing the system: a critical discussion of some objections to the ‘Singer Solution’

The aim of this paper is to present and evaluate a specific critical discussion of Peter Singer's view on philanthropy. This critique of Singer's position takes several forms, and here we focus on

Charity and Condescension: Victorian Literature and the Dilemmas of Philanthropy

Charity and Condescension explores how condescension, a traditional English virtue, went sour in the nineteenth century, and considers the ways in which the failure of condescension influenced