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Extreme Metal: Music and Culture on the Edge

  title={Extreme Metal: Music and Culture on the Edge},
  author={Keith Kahn-Harris},
Keith Kahn-Harris is a British independent scholar lecturing at the Open University and Goldsmith College. His newly-published essay Extreme Metal is the first scientific, book-length study of a heavy metal category which includes the subgenres death-, thrashand black metal. Based on the author‘s PhD thesis, Extreme Metal is a highly welcomed contribution, as a critical debate on extreme metal is ―sorely needed‖ (p. 6). As Kahn-Harris‘ impressive bibliography on Metal Studies shows, most of the… 

Extreme Heavy Metal Music and Critical Theory

Extreme heavy metal music is transgressive, but can it be understood as resistant in Adorno's sense of “serious music?” This article seeks to show how extreme heavy metal music approaches what Adorno

The formation of the West German power metal scene and the question of a ‘Teutonic’ sound

Despite being one of the oldest and largest metal nations, little research on metal music from Germany exists. This article focuses on the formation of the West German power metal scene. This

Power and Authenticity : Tradition and Transgression in Extreme Metal

Extreme metal music can be defined as a separate but inter-related set of sub-genres (namely thrash metal, black metal and death metal and their respective derivatives) that share a common set of

The Symbolic Experience of Christian Extreme Metal

This chapter explores Christian extreme metal as a window on the way different symbols are expressed in contemporary Western culture, drawing on continental theorists of the post-secular era. Unger’s

Blacker than Death: Recollecting the "Black Turn" in Metal Aesthetics

Document Type Article Date of Original Version 6-20-2013 Abstract This essay illuminates the construction of a newer, blacker, and heavier recollection of metal’s aesthetic potential. By analyzing

Putting the ‘studies’ back into metal music studies

textabstractThe field of metal music studies is in the ascendancy and has established itself as a legitimate domain of enquiry. In this paper we argue that the study of metal has the capacity not

Opeth not metal: making sense of the symbolic boundary work in the leisure spaces of musicians and fans

  • K. Spracklen
  • History
    International Journal of the Sociology of Leisure
  • 2018
The Swedish band Opeth have had a long, sustained and successful career in the heavy metal industry. Their early albums were well-received as important contributions to melodic death metal, but the

Unlocking the Paradox of Christian Metal Music

OF DISSERTATION UNLOCKING THE PARADOX OF CHRISTIAN METAL MUSIC In 1984, Stryper released its first album The Yellow and Black Attack and introduced audiences to a different kind of heavy metal.

Popular culture and the ’darker side’ of alternative spirituality: the case of metal music

Metal is perhaps the most extreme and aggressive form of contemporary Western popular music. Even though it continues to spark controversy and debate, it has also enjoyed enduring popularity for


This paper examines the movement patterns, aesthetic values, and social meanings that constitute headbanging practice in heavy metal culture. The author demonstrates that headbanging is a progressive