Extreme Dysbiosis of the Microbiome in Critical Illness

  title={Extreme Dysbiosis of the Microbiome in Critical Illness},
  author={Daniel McDonald and Gail L. Ackermann and Ludmila Khailova and Christine Hamiel Baird and Daren Keith Heyland and Rosemary A. Kozar and Margot Lemieux and Karrie Derenski and Judy King and Christine Vis-Kampen and Rob Knight and Paul E. Wischmeyer},
Critical illness is hypothesized to associate with loss of "health-promoting" commensal microbes and overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria (dysbiosis). This dysbiosis is believed to increase susceptibility to nosocomial infections, sepsis, and organ failure. A trial with prospective monitoring of the intensive care unit (ICU) patient microbiome using culture-independent techniques to confirm and characterize this dysbiosis is thus urgently needed. Characterizing ICU patient microbiome changes may… CONTINUE READING