Extreme–ultraviolet high–harmonic generation in liquids

  title={Extreme–ultraviolet high–harmonic generation in liquids},
  author={Tran Trung Luu and Zhong Yin and Animesh Jain and Thomas Gaumnitz and Yoann Pertot and Jun Fei Ma and Hans Jakob W{\"o}rner},
  booktitle={Nature Communications},
High–harmonic generation (HHG) in gases has been the main enabling technology of attosecond science since its discovery. Recently, HHG from solids has been demonstrated, opening a lively area of research. In contrast, harmonic generation from liquids has so far remained restricted to low harmonics in the visible regime. Here, we report the observation and detailed characterization of extreme ultraviolet HHG from liquid water and several alcohols extending beyond 20 eV. This advance was enabled… CONTINUE READING
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