Extremal three-point correlators in Kerr/CFT

  title={Extremal three-point correlators in Kerr/CFT},
  author={Melanie Becker and Sera Cremonini and Waldemar Schulgin},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We compute three-point correlation functions in the near-extremal, near-horizon region of a Kerr black hole, and compare to the corresponding finite-temperature conformal field theory correlators. For simplicity, we focus on scalar fields dual to operators $$ {\mathcal{O}_h} $$ whose conformal dimensions obey h3 = h1 + h2, which we name extremal in analogy with the classic AdS5 × S5 three-point function in the literature. For such extremal correlators we find perfect agreement with the… CONTINUE READING