Extremal feature extraction from 3-D vector and noisy scalar fields

  title={Extremal feature extraction from 3-D vector and noisy scalar fields},
  author={Chi-Keung Tang and G{\'e}rard G. Medioni},
  journal={Proceedings Visualization '98 (Cat. No.98CB36276)},
We are interested in feature extraction from volume data in terms of coherent surfaces and 3D space curves. The input can be an inaccurate scalar or vector field, sampled densely or sparsely on a regular 3D grid, in which poor resolution and the presence of spurious noisy samples make traditional iso-surface techniques inappropriate. In this paper, we present a general-purpose methodology to extract surfaces or curves from a digital 3D potential vector field {(s,v~)}, in which each voxel holds… CONTINUE READING
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