Extraterrestrial intelligence: an international petition.

  title={Extraterrestrial intelligence: an international petition.},
  author={C. Sagan},
  volume={218 4571},
  • C. Sagan
  • Published 1982
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • Science
The human species is now able to communicate with other civilizations in space, if such exist. Using current radioastronomical technology, it is possible for us to receive signals from civilizations no more advanced than we are over a distance of at least many thousands of light years. The cost of a systematic international research effort, using existing radio telescopes, is as low as a few million dollars per year for one or two decades. The program would be more than a million times more… Expand
Toward a multi-path approach for SETI
A multi-path approach for SETI appears to be a wiser strategy towards a complex problem, for which it is very difficult to predict with certainty the means and the time that other stellar civilizations (if they do exist) will select to contact us. Expand
Recent progress on the lunar farside crater Saha proposal
Abstract The aim of this review, whose title might as well be “Toward a dedicated lunar farside radio observatory”, is to provide information for potential interested workers whom we invite toExpand
Searching for a standard Drake equation
The need to update and standardize the Drake equation is discussed, and a new and more accurate expression is deduced which contains the classic equation as a particular case, and its advantages are discussed. Expand
A Historical Introduction to the Search for Extraterrestrial Life
The possibility that life, primitive or advanced, might exist in other places of the Universe has occupied the thoughts of scientists and laymen for thousands of years. It is only in the last 25Expand
A particular challenge for SETI searches is choosing the type of signal to seek. Past applications of communication theory to this issue have failed to infer any credible concrete characteristics ofExpand
Interstellar Communication: The Case for Spread Spectrum
Spread spectrum is more susceptible to dispersion and distortion in propagation through the interstellar medium, desirably reducing ambiguity in parameters like bandwidth and carrier frequency, which suggests a promising new direction in interstellar communication using spread spectrum modulation techniques. Expand
Being Optimistic about SETI
It is pointed out that a proper consideration of searches for extraterrestrial radio communications should distinguish between those anticipating beacons from advanced civilizations and those anticipating leakage radiation from emergent civilizations. Expand
Rain from clouds with tops warmer than – 10°C in Israel
Rawinsonde observations combined with surface synoptic reports and satellite data, indicate that in Israel rain often falls from clouds with top temperatures ≥− 10° C. This suggests the presence ofExpand
Signals from ETI detected — What next?
Abstract The question of the formulation of a protocol for activities related to the possible detection of an extraterrestrial civilization is approached on the basis of some factors influencing theExpand
Die Diskussion innerhalb der Gesellschaft
Bis zu diesem Punkt haben wir uns in diesem Buch mit einzelnen wissenschaftlichen Elementen aus den verschiedensten Gebieten zum Thema «Leben im Universum» beschaftigt. Zunachst haben wir diejenigenExpand


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