Extrasynaptic glutamate spillover in the hippocampus: evidence and implications

  title={Extrasynaptic glutamate spillover in the hippocampus: evidence and implications},
  author={Dimitri Michael Kullmann and Fredrik Aszt{\'e}ly},
  journal={Trends in Neurosciences},
In the mammalian brain most excitatory transmission is mediated by glutamate binding to AMPA and NMDA receptors. These receptors have markedly different biophysical properties, and at synapses in the CAI region of the hippocampus they play complementary roles in long-term potentiation (LTP): while postsynaptic NMDA receptor activation is necessary for the induction of this form of plasticity, AMPA receptors play a larger role in its expression. Recent studies in hippocampal slices have revealed… CONTINUE READING
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