Extraskeletal osteochondroma of the buttock.

  title={Extraskeletal osteochondroma of the buttock.},
  author={Sung Lim and Yun-Sin Kim and Young-sook Kim and Young-Rae Moon},
  journal={Journal of Korean Medical Science},
  pages={127 - 130}
Osteochondromas are common and typically arise from the metaphyseal ends of long bones. An osteochondral neoplasm of the soft tissue, which is a lesion of uncertain pathogenesis, is uncommon and usually arises from the synovial tissue in joints and tendon sheaths. Rarely, extraskeletal osteochondromas also arise outside of synovial compartments. Most of the reported cases were presented in the hands and feet, especially in the fingers. Here we describe a 44-yr-old female patient who presented… CONTINUE READING


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