Extrapulmonary malignancies detected at lung cancer screening.

  title={Extrapulmonary malignancies detected at lung cancer screening.},
  author={Cristiano Angelo Rampinelli and Lorenzo Preda and Marina Maniglio and Letizia Sirica and Laura Lavinia Travaini and Giulia Veronesi and Massimo Bellomi},
  volume={261 1},
PURPOSE To retrospectively assess the detection rate, histologic characteristics, and clinical stage of screening-detected extrapulmonary malignancies in a population at high risk for lung cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this institutional review board-approved study, 5201 asymptomatic heavy smokers aged 50 years or older underwent annual low-dose computed tomography (CT) for 5 consecutive years. The 5-year cumulative effective dose was 5 mSv. Subjects with at least one "potentially… CONTINUE READING


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