Extraordinary neoteny of synaptic spines in the human prefrontal cortex.

  title={Extraordinary neoteny of synaptic spines in the human prefrontal cortex.},
  author={Zdravko Petanjek and Milos Judas and Goran {\vS}imi{\'c} and Mladen Roko Rasin and H. B. M. Uylings and Pasko Raki{\'c} and Ivica Kostovi{\'c}},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={108 32},
The major mechanism for generating diversity of neuronal connections beyond their genetic determination is the activity-dependent stabilization and selective elimination of the initially overproduced synapses [Changeux JP, Danchin A (1976) Nature 264:705-712]. The largest number of supranumerary synapses has been recorded in the cerebral cortex of human and nonhuman primates. It is generally accepted that synaptic pruning in the cerebral cortex, including prefrontal areas, occurs at puberty and… CONTINUE READING
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