Extraordinary Late-time Infrared Emission of Type Iin Supernovae

  title={Extraordinary Late-time Infrared Emission of Type Iin Supernovae},
  author={Christopher L. Gerardy and Robert A. Fesen and Ken’ichi Nomoto and Peter M. Garnavich and Saurabh Jha and Peter M. Challis and Robert P. Kirshner and Peter A. H{\"o}flich and J. Craig Wheeler},
Near-Infrared (NIR) observations are presented for five Type IIn supernovae (SN 1995N, SN 1997ab, SN 1998S, SN 1999Z, and SN 1999el) that exhibit strong infrared excesses at late times (t & 100 d). H and K -band emission from these objects is dominated by a continuum that rises toward longer wavelengths. The data are interpreted as thermal emission from… CONTINUE READING