Extraordinarily high leaf selenium to sulfur ratios define 'Se-accumulator' plants.

  title={Extraordinarily high leaf selenium to sulfur ratios define 'Se-accumulator' plants.},
  author={Philip J White and Helen Bowen and Bruce Marshall and Martin R Broadley},
  journal={Annals of botany},
  volume={100 1},
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Selenium (Se) and sulfur (S) exhibit similar chemical properties. In flowering plants (angiosperms) selenate and sulfate are acquired and assimilated by common transport and metabolic pathways. It is hypothesized that most angiosperm species show little or no discrimination in the accumulation of Se and S in leaves when their roots are supplied a mixture of selenate and sulfate, but some, termed Se-accumulator plants, selectively accumulate Se in preference to S under these… CONTINUE READING