Extraction of uranium from sea water by cultured algae

  title={Extraction of uranium from sea water by cultured algae},
  author={Erich-Alexander Prof Dr Heide and Klaus Wagener and M. Paschke and Maximilian Dr Dr Wald},
Mos t of t he m e t h o d s t r ied so far are based on ion exchange, adsorp t ion , prec ip i ta t ion , and so lven t ex t rac t ion , b u t none seems l ikely to s a t i s fy t he above r equ i r emen t s . We h a d t he idea t h a t mic roo rgan i sms possess m a n y of the requi red proper t ies : se lec t iv i ty for b ind ing u r an i um, easy and inexpens ive p roduc t ion of t he b iomass , o p t i m u m degree of d ispers ion for fas t b ind ing kinet ics , and no was te problems. F r… 
The removal of uranium from mining waste water using algal/microbial biomass.
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