Extraction of naringin from pomelo peels as dihydrochalcone's precursor.


A new method for the separation of naringin from pomelo peels was investigated by using ultrasonic-assisted extraction and macroporous resin purification technology. The ultrasonic extraction efficiency was dependent on agent's concentration, ratio of sample and solvent and ultrasonic time. Several parameters of macroporous resin-purified process, including resin selection, initial concentration, concentration of eluted agent and pH, were optimized. The experimental results showed that the naringin content in the mature pomelo peels was 2.20% and purification rate of naringin was 77.26% under optimum conditions of purification. The structure of synthetic naringin dihydrochalcone was determined by a series of spectroscopic methods, such as UV, NMR and MS.

DOI: 10.1002/jssc.201000475

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@article{Tang2011ExtractionON, title={Extraction of naringin from pomelo peels as dihydrochalcone's precursor.}, author={Dong-Mei Tang and Chun-Feng Zhu and Shi-an Zhong and Ming-Da Zhou}, journal={Journal of separation science}, year={2011}, volume={34 1}, pages={113-7} }