Extraction and purification of crocin from saffron stigmas employing a simple and efficient crystallization method.

  title={Extraction and purification of crocin from saffron stigmas employing a simple and efficient crystallization method.},
  author={Farzin Hadizadeh and Seyed Ahmad Mohajeri and Mohammad Hasan Seifi},
  journal={Pakistan journal of biological sciences : PJBS},
  volume={13 14},
In this study, total crocin was extracted from saffron stigmas using crystallization method. Ethanol 80% was selected as the best extraction solvent. Crystallization process was carried out in one and two steps at different temperatures. Ethanol 80% was used as crystallization medium. Crocin crystals obtained from the first crystallization had low purity and thus were subjected to the second crystallization. The higher purity crystals were yielded in the second crystallization at -5 degrees C… CONTINUE READING


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