Extraction and coordination studies of the unexplored bifunctional ligand carbamoyl methyl sulfoxide (CMSO) with uranium(VI) and cerium(III) nitrates. Synthesis and structures of [UO2(NO3)2(PhSOCH2CON(i)Bu2)] and [Ce(NO3)3(PhSOCH2CONBu2)2].


The bifunctional carbamoyl methyl sulfoxide ligands, PhCH(2)SOCH(2)CONHPh (L1), PhCH(2)SOCH(2)CONHCH(2)Ph (L2), PhSOCH(2)CON(i)Pr(2)(L3), PhSOCH(2)CONBu(2)(L4), PhSOCH(2)CON(i)Bu(2)(L5) and PhSOCH(2)CON(C(8)H(17))(2)(L6) have been synthesized and characterized by spectroscopic methods. The selected coordination chemistry of L1, L3, and L5with [UO(2)(NO(3… (More)


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