Extraction , purification and study on antioxidant properties of fucoxanthin from brown seaweeds

  title={Extraction , purification and study on antioxidant properties of fucoxanthin from brown seaweeds},
  author={Beena B. Nair},
Five brown seaweeds such as Sargassum wightii, Sarg assum ilicifolium, Sargassum longifolium, Padina sp . and Turbinaria sp. were selected for fucoxanthin extrac tion and purification. Among the various solvents u sed 90% acetone was found to be good for extraction of caro ten ids. The crude pigments extracted were initiall y screened through TLC (Thin-layer chromatography) and then fu coxanthin was separated and purified using Silica c olumn chromatography (230-400 mesh, Merck). The fucoxanth… CONTINUE READING


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