Extracting the photoproduction cross section off the neutron gn-->pi-p from deuteron data with FSI effects

  title={Extracting the photoproduction cross section off the neutron gn-->pi-p from deuteron data with FSI effects},
  author={Vasily E. Tarasov and William J. Briscoe and H. Gao and Alexander Evgenyevich Kudryavtsev and Igor I. Strakovsky},
  journal={Physical Review C},
The incoherent pion photoproduction reaction gd-->pi-pp is considered theoretically in a wide energy region Eth = pi-p reaction cross section beyond the impulse approximation for gd-->pi-pp. For the elementary gN-->piN, NN-->NN, and piN-->piN amplitudes, the results of the GW DAC are used. There are no additional theoretical constraints. The calculated cross section dSigma/dOmega(gd->pi-pp) are compared with existing data. The procedure used to extract information on the differential cross… 

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