Extracting the astrophysics of reionization from the Lyα forest power spectrum: a first forecast

  title={Extracting the astrophysics of reionization from the Ly$\alpha$ forest power spectrum: a first forecast},
  author={Paulo Montero-Camacho and Yi Mao},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
The impact of cosmic reionization on the Lyα forest power spectrum has recently been shown to be significant even at low redshifts (z ∼ 2). This memory of reionization survives cosmological time-scales because high-entropy mean-density gas is heated to ∼3 × 104 K by reionization, which is inhomogeneous, and subsequent shocks from denser regions. In the near future, the first measurements of the Lyα forest 3D power spectrum will be very likely achieved by upcoming observational efforts such as… 


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