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Extracting evidence of supplement-drug interactions from literature

  title={Extracting evidence of supplement-drug interactions from literature},
  author={Lucy Lu Wang and Oyvind Tafjord and Sarthak Jain and Arman Cohan and Sam Skjonsberg and Carissa Schoenick and Nick Botner and Waleed Ammar},
Dietary supplements are used by a large portion of the population, but information on their safety is hard to find. [...] Key Method We fine-tune the contextualized word representations of BERT-large using labeled data from the PDDI corpus. We then process 22M abstracts from PubMed using this model, and extract evidence for 55946 unique interactions between 1923 supplements and 2727 drugs (precision: 0.77, recall: 0.96), demonstrating that learning the task of DDI classification transfers successfully to the…Expand

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