Extracting Semantics from Microposts

  title={Extracting Semantics from Microposts},
  author={Vasudeva Varma and Manish Gupta and Aditya Mogdala and Kushal Dave and Nikhil Priyatam and Piyush Arora and Arpit Sood and Priya Radhakrishnan and Piyush Bansal and Santosh Kosgi},
In recent years, the microblogging services like Twitter has become a major tool for sharing events, expressing opinions and communicating with friends. Several thousand of microblogs are posted each second describing the ongoing events around the world. Because of this recent rise in the popularity and size of social media, there is a growing need for system that can extract useful information from social media. The use of limited words (140 characters), special vocabulary with incomplete… CONTINUE READING