Extracorporeal granulocytapheresis for cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

  title={Extracorporeal granulocytapheresis for cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.},
  author={Motoki Yonekawa and Akio Kawamura and Takashi Komai and Tetsuzo Agishi and Masakazu Adachi},
  journal={Transfusion science},
  volume={17 3},
In cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, granulocytosis is often observed and indicates the progress of disease. We developed a granulocytapheresis system to permit granulocyte reduction. Cellulose acetate was found to be a selective and effective adsorbent. In an in vivo study using an acetate bead column, 9.2 x 10(8) leukocytes were collected. Initially, granulocytapheresis was applied to terminal patients or those with stage IV cancer. Pain, cough and bloody sputum were reduced in spite of no… CONTINUE READING