Extracellularly truncated desmoglein 1 compromises desmosomes in MDCK cells.

  title={Extracellularly truncated desmoglein 1 compromises desmosomes in MDCK cells.},
  author={Norberto Serpente and Clarisa Marcozzi and Gail A. Roberts and Qingli Bao and Brigitt D. Angst and Elizabeth M Hirst and Ian D. J. Burdett and Roger S Buxton and Anthony I. Magee},
  journal={Molecular membrane biology},
  volume={17 3},
The formation and stability of epithelial tissue involves cell adhesion and the connection of the intermediate filaments of contiguous cells, mediated by desmosomes. The cadherin family members Desmocollins (Dsc) and Desmogleins (Dsg) mediate desmosome extracellular adhesion. The main intracellular molecules identified linking Dscs and Dsgs with the intermediate filament network are Plakoglobin (PG), Plakophilins (PPs) and Desmoplakin (DP). Previous studies on desmosome-mediated adhesion have… CONTINUE READING