Extracellular stress and lipopolysaccharide modulate Acinetobacter baumannii surface-associated motility

  title={Extracellular stress and lipopolysaccharide modulate Acinetobacter baumannii surface-associated motility},
  author={Christin N. McQueary and Benjamin C. Kirkup and Y. Si and M. Barlow and L. Actis and D. Craft and D. Zurawski},
  journal={Journal of Microbiology},
  • Christin N. McQueary, Benjamin C. Kirkup, +4 authors D. Zurawski
  • Published 2012
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Microbiology
  • Acinetobacter baumannii is a nosocomial bacterial pathogen, and infections attributed to this species are further complicated by a remarkable ability to acquire antimicrobial resistance genes and to survive in a desiccated state. While the antibiotic resistance and biofilm formation of A. baumannii is well-documented, less is known about the virulence attributes of this organism. Recent studies reported A. baumannii strains display a motility phenotype, which appears to be partially dependent… CONTINUE READING
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