Extracellular acidification elicits a chloride current that shares characteristics with ICl(swell).

  title={Extracellular acidification elicits a chloride current that shares characteristics with ICl(swell).},
  author={Muriel Nobles and Christopher F. Higgins and Alessandro Sardini},
  journal={American journal of physiology. Cell physiology},
  volume={287 5},
A Cl- current activated by extracellular acidification, ICl(pHac), has been characterized in various mammalian cell types. Many of the properties of ICl(pHac) are similar to those of the cell swelling-activated Cl- current ICl(swell): ion selectivity (I- > Br- > Cl- > F-), pharmacology [ICl(pHac) is inhibited by 4,4'-diisothiocyanostilbene-2,2'-disulfonic acid (DIDS), 1,9-dideoxyforskolin (DDFSK), diphenylamine-2-carboxylic acid (DPC), and niflumic acid], lack of dependence on intra- or… CONTINUE READING

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