Extracellular Streptomyces vesicles: amphorae for survival and defence

  title={Extracellular Streptomyces vesicles: amphorae for survival and defence},
  author={Hildgund Schrempf and Ilona Koebsch and Stefan Walter and Harald Engelhardt and Holger Meschke},
  booktitle={Microbial biotechnology},
Blue-pigmented exudates arise as droplets on sporulated lawns of Streptomyces coelicolor M110 grown on agar plates. Our electron microscopical and biochemical studies suggest that droplets contain densely packed vesicles with large assemblies of different protein types and/or the polyketide antibiotic actinorhodin. Frozen-hydrated vesicles were unilamellar with a typical bilayer membrane, and ranged from 80 to 400 nm in diameter with a preferred width of 150-300 nm. By means of cryo-electron… CONTINUE READING
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