Extracellular Ca2+-sensing receptors--an overview.

  title={Extracellular Ca2+-sensing receptors--an overview.},
  author={Wenhan Chang and Dolores Marie Shoback},
  journal={Cell calcium},
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Extracellular Ca2+-sensing receptors (CaRs) are the molecular basis by which specialized cells detect and respond to changes in the extracellular [Ca2+] ([Ca2+]o). CaRs belong to the family C of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). Activation of CaRs triggers signaling pathways that modify numerous cell functions. Multiple ligands regulate the activation of CaRs including multivalent cations, L-amino acids, and changes in ionic strength and pH. CaRs in parathyroid cells play a central role in… CONTINUE READING