Extracellular β-1,3-glucanases are induced during early somatic embryogenesis in Cichorium

  title={Extracellular β-1,3-glucanases are induced during early somatic embryogenesis in Cichorium},
  author={St{\'e}phane Helleboid and Guy Bauw and Lionel Belingheri and Jacques Vasseur and Jean-Louis Hilbert},
In leaf tissues of the Cichorium hybrid clone `474' (C. intybus L. var. sativum × C. endivia L. var. latifolia), the acquisition and expression of embryogenic competence was characterised by the appearance of 15 polypeptides (Boyer et al., 1993, Plant Sci 93: 41–53). The 38-kDa proteins were found to be abundantly present in conditioned embryogenic medium after the first division of the induced cells. These proteins seemed to be glycosylated as indicated by general carbohydrate detection… CONTINUE READING


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