Extra-large-pore zeolites with two-dimensional channels formed by 14 and 12 rings.

  title={Extra-large-pore zeolites with two-dimensional channels formed by 14 and 12 rings.},
  author={Jean-Louis Paillaud and Bogdan V Harbuzaru and Jo{\"e}l Patarin and Nicolas Bats},
  volume={304 5673},
Stable zeolites that have larger pore apertures and a three-dimensional pore topology are of interest because they could be used to adsorb larger molecules, particularly for application in oil refining. Several large-pore zeolitic materials with channels formed by openings of more than 12 rings are known, but all of them have a one-dimensional channel system that limits their use in catalysis. We report the synthesis and some characterizations of IM-12, a thermally stable germanium-containing… CONTINUE READING
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