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Extra-chromosomal inheritance

  title={Extra-chromosomal inheritance},
  author={Arif Maqsood Ali},
  • A. Ali
  • Published 17 December 2007
  • Biology
CONTENTS Introduction Chloroplast Genome structure of chloroplast Chloroplast genetics in higher plants RFLP proof that chloroplast DNA can be maternally inherited Examples of chloroplast inheritance Non chromosomal genes in Chlamydomonas Mitochondria Structure of mitochondria Mitochondrial Genome RFLP proof that mitochondrial DNA can be maternally inherited Examples of mitochondrial inheritance Plasmids Infective particles Maternal effects Origin of cytoplasmic genetic systems 
Genetic analysis of reciprocal differences in the inheritance of in vitro characters in pearl millet
Abstract Reciprocal differences persist in nature because of the unequal contribution of cytoplasmic determinants from male and female gametes to the zygote. The inheritance of genetic differences isExpand
Genetic analysis of sodium content and Na/K ratio in relation to salinity tolerance in pearl millet Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.
The overall dominant nature of tolerance and the additive gene action for these salinity related characters suggested the possibility of breeding pearl millet lines through hybridization and selection to pyramid the favorable genes. Expand