Extra-1 acupressure for children undergoing anesthesia.

  title={Extra-1 acupressure for children undergoing anesthesia.},
  author={S M Wang and Sandra Escalera and Eric Chien-Chih Lin and Inna Maranets and Zeev N. Kain},
  journal={Anesthesia and analgesia},
  volume={107 3},
BACKGROUND Acupuncture and related techniques have been used as adjuncts for perioperative anesthesia management. We examined whether acupressure in the Extra-1 (Yin-Tang) point would result in decreased preprocedural anxiety and reduced intraprocedural propofol requirements in a group of children undergoing endoscopic procedures. METHODS Fifty-two children were randomized to receive acupressure bead intervention either at the Extra-1 acupuncture point or at a sham point. A Bispectral Index… CONTINUE READING

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