Externalities and Industrial Development

  title={Externalities and Industrial Development},
  author={J. Vernon Henderson},
  journal={NBER Working Paper Series},
  • J. Henderson
  • Published 1 May 1994
  • Economics
  • NBER Working Paper Series
Using a panel data set of county-level employment in machinery, electrical machinery, primary metals, transportation, and instruments, this paper analyzes the role of dynamic externalities for individual industries. Key issues examined include the role of externalities from own industry concentration (localization, or MAR externalities) versus the role of externalities from overall diversity of the local environment (urbanization, or Jacobs externalities). In contrast to previous studies, use… 
Dynamic Externalities, Local Industrial Structure and Economic Development: Panel Data Evidence for Morocco
Bun M. J. G. and El Makhloufi A. (2007) Dynamic externalities, local industrial structure and economic development: panel data evidence for Morocco, Regional Studies 41, 823–837. The impact of
Dynamic externalities and regional manufacturing development: an exploration of the Polish experience before and after 1989
The impact of localization and urbanization economies on regional manufacturing development in Poland 1976-96 is assessed in terms of employment and the regional convergence or divergence of the
Agglomeration and regional employment growth
"The advent of the New Economic Geography has spawned a renewed interest in questions of agglomeration. The work expands the research on the impact of agglomeration economies on employment growth by
The determinants of local employment dynamics in Western Germany
This article studies the impact of the local industrial structure on employment dynamics in Western Germany. Following the approach of Combes et al. (J Urban Econ 56:217–243, 2004) for France, local
Industrial clustering and economic performance. In search for evidence from Poland
The results show that on one hand, no connection between the cluster creating and value added was revealed, and on the other hand, the connection with both GDP per capita and GDP growth was shown.
Agglomeration and Growth in Turkey, 1980-1995
This paper examines the extent at which dynamic scale externalities affected employment growth in Turkey during 1980-1995 period, using panel data on manufacturing industry. Localization economies
Regional Industrial Structure Concentration in the United States: Trends and Implications
Abstract In a seminal article, Chinitz (1961) considered the effects of industry size, structure, and economic diversification on the performance of firms and regional economies. His inquiry
Role of Industrial District Externalities in Export and Value-added Performance: Evidence from the Population of Italian Firms
Becchetti L., De Panizza A. and Oropallo F. (2007) Role of industrial district externalities in export and value-added performance: evidence from the population of Italian firms, Regional Studies 41,


Industrial Development in Cities
This paper uses data for eight manufacturing industries in 1970 and 1987 to test for and characterize dynamic production externalities in cities. We find evidence of both MAR externalities, which are
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B USINESS location is a subject of great interest. Businessmen obviously want to know where to locate their plants. State planners want to know the best way to attract new employment to their state.
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Recent theories of economic growth, including those of Romer, Porter, and Jacobs, have stressed the role of technological spillovers in generating growth. Because such knowledge spillovers are
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Increasing Returns and Long-Run Growth
  • P. Romer
  • Economics
    Journal of Political Economy
  • 1986
This paper presents a fully specified model of long-run growth in which knowledge is assumed to be an input in production that has increasing marginal productivity. It is essentially a competitive
On the Estimation of Panel-Data Models With Serial Correlation When Instruments Are Not Strictly Exogenous
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