Externalidades de la economía del conocimiento en el crecimiento urbano : un análisis para las áreas metropolitanas de Barcelona y Helsinki

  title={Externalidades de la econom{\'i}a del conocimiento en el crecimiento urbano : un an{\'a}lisis para las {\'a}reas metropolitanas de Barcelona y Helsinki},
  author={C Juan Carlos Mej{\'i}a and Juan Carlos Eduardo},
The centrality of knowledge-based industries (KBI) in the economy of metropolitan areas leads to the transformation of their labour markets and promotion of new forms of urban growth. This is due, among other things, to creation of specialized clusters for location of these activities. KBI growth is related to knowledge and network externalities, the latter is linked to the growth of information and comunication tecnologies and improving territorial connectivity. The research problem arises… CONTINUE READING

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