External fixation in pelvic fractures.

  title={External fixation in pelvic fractures.},
  author={Michelangelo Scaglione and Paolo Domenico Parchi and Giuseppe Digrandi and M Latessa and Giulio Guido},
  journal={Musculoskeletal surgery},
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Pelvic fractures account for 4-5% of all fracturated patients, and they occur in 4-5% of polytraumatized patients. In the most of the cases, they are consequent to high-energy trauma with a high percentage of lesions of other organs (cerebral, thoracic, and abdominal lesions. The most of the patients (80%) who die are dying within the first hours after trauma for a massive hemorrhagic shock. When the pelvic fracture and the patient's hemodynamic conditions are both unstable, osteosynthesis of… CONTINUE READING