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External beam irradiation angle measurement using Cerenkov emission I: Signal dependencies consideration

  title={External beam irradiation angle measurement using Cerenkov emission I: Signal dependencies consideration},
  author={Emilie Jean and Simon Lambert-Girard and François Therriault-Proulx and Luc Beaulieu},
Due to its angular dependency, Cerenkov light has long been considered a contamination signal in plastic scintillating fiber dosimeters (PSD). In this study, we propose a novel approach designed to take advantage of this angular dependency to perform a direct measurement of an external beam radiation angle of incidence. A Cerenkov probe composed of a 10-mm long filtered sensitive volume of clear PMMA optical fiber was built. Both filtered and raw Cerenkov signals from the transport fiber were… 

Hybrid Cerenkov-scintillation detector validation using Monte Carlo simulations

Objective. This study aimed at investigating through Monte Carlo simulations the limitations of a novel hybrid Cerenkov-scintillation detector and the associated method for irradiation angle



Application of Cerenkov radiation generated in plastic optical fibers for therapeutic photon beam dosimetry

The novel and simple CFOD can be effectively used for measuring depth doses in radiotherapy dosimetry and the relationship between fluxes of electrons over Cerenkov threshold energy and energy deposition of a 6 MV photon beam had a nearly linear trend.

Cerenkov-free scintillation dosimetry in external beam radiotherapy with an air core light guide

A plastic scintillation dosimeter is constructed that uses an air core light guide to transport the light from the scintillator to the light detector and depth dose measurements are compared to ionization chamber measurements for a 6 MV photon beam and a 9 MeV electron beam.

Spectral discrimination of Čerenkov radiation in scintillating dosimeters.

A small, flexible, and water-equivalent dosimeter suitable for photon and electron beams without corrections, and performs on line dose measurements is developed, based on only one scintillating fiber and a CCD camera.

Simultaneous measurements of pure scintillation and Cerenkov signals in an integrated fiber-optic dosimeter for electron beam therapy dosimetry.

It is demonstrated that the pure scintillation and Cerenkov signals obtained by an integrated FOD system based on a subtraction method can be effectively used for calibrating the conditions of high-energy electron beams in radiotherapy.

Projection imaging of photon beams using Čerenkov-excited fluorescence

A novel optical-based dose imaging approach using a standard commercial camera, water tank, and fluorescent dye, which when excited by the Čerenkov emission induced by the radiation beam, allows 2D projection imaging in a fast timeframe, potentially leading toward 3D tomographic beam profiling.

Cerenkov light generated in optical fibres and other light pipes irradiated by electron beams

The use of a small plastic scintillator coupled to an optical fibre bundle light pipe as a means for the dosimetry of radiotherapy X-ray or electron beams in a phantom has been studied. Under such

Optical filtering and spectral measurements of radiation-induced light in plastic scintillation dosimetry

Quantitative results indicate that using the highest doped orange scintillator and appropriate optical filter can decrease the fibre light contribution by about 50% when compared to the conventional blue scintillsator, non-filtered case in typical radiotherapy dosimetry situations.

Measurement accuracy and cerenkov removal for high performance, high spatial resolution scintillation dosimetry.

Background subtraction and chromatic removal were both found to be suitable for precise dose evaluation, with average absolute dose discrepancies of 0.52% and 0.67%, respectively, from ion chamber values.

On the nature of the light produced within PMMA optical light guides in scintillation fiber-optic dosimetry.

It would be advantageous to implement an additional channel in the chromaticstem effect removal chain or implement a spectral approach to independently remove the Cerenkov and the fluorescence components from the signal of interest to increase the accuracy and versatility of the actual chromatic stem effect removal technique.

Effect of Magnetic Field Strength on Plastic Scintillation Detector Response.