External-Field Shifts of the 199Hg+ Optical Frequency Standard

  title={External-Field Shifts of the 199Hg+ Optical Frequency Standard},
  author={Wayne M. Itano},
  booktitle={Journal of research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology},
Frequency shifts of the (199)Hg(+) 5d (10)6s (2)S1/2 (F = 0, MF = 0) to 5d (9)6s (2 2)D5/2 (F = 2, MF = 0) electric-quadrupole transition at 282 nm due to external fields are calculated, based on a combination of measured atomic parameters and ab initio calculations. This transition is under investigation as an optical frequency standard. The perturbations calculated are the quadratic Zeeman shift, the scalar and tensor quadratic Stark shifts, and the interaction between an external electric… CONTINUE READING
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