Extent of bluntness and damage to reamers from hospitals.

  title={Extent of bluntness and damage to reamers from hospitals.},
  author={Christof A. Mueller and Berton A. Rahn and Ulrich Pfister and Siegfried R. A. Weller},
  volume={24 Suppl 3},
The negative effects of intramedullary nailing, such as aseptic cortical necroses and fat embolisms, are mainly caused by an increase in intramedullary pressure and an increase in cortical temperature during the reaming process. The degree of bluntness of the reamers has a negative influence on these two parameters. The objective of this study was to examine the degree of bluntness and damage to intramedullary reamers in clinical use. 10 sets of intramedullary reamers returned from Swiss… CONTINUE READING

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