Extent and mechanism of phase separation during the extrusion of calcium phosphate pastes

  title={Extent and mechanism of phase separation during the extrusion of calcium phosphate pastes},
  author={Rosemarie O’Neill and Helen O McCarthy and Eoin Cunningham and Edgar Benjamin Montufar and Maria-Pau Ginebra and D. Ian Wilson and Alex B. Lennon and Nicholas J. Dunne},
  booktitle={Journal of materials science. Materials in medicine},
The aim of this study was to increase understanding of the mechanism and dominant drivers influencing phase separation during ram extrusion of calcium phosphate (CaP) paste for orthopaedic applications. The liquid content of extrudate was determined, and the flow of liquid and powder phases within the syringe barrel during extrusion were observed, subject to various extrusion parameters. Increasing the initial liquid-to-powder mass ratio, LPR, (0.4-0.45), plunger rate (5-20 mm/min), and… CONTINUE READING


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