Extensor pollicis et indicis communis or extensor indicis radialis muscle

  title={Extensor pollicis et indicis communis or extensor indicis radialis muscle},
  author={Daniel Casanova Mart{\'i}nez and Iv{\'a}n Valdivia Gandur and Pau Gom{\`a} Golan{\'o}},
  journal={Anatomical Science International},
Anatomical variations of the fingers extensor tendons are not uncommon and have been described by several authors. Participation of intertendinous band of fascia in this kind of variation can change muscle functionality. However, this element is scarcely described in the literature. In this case report, we describe the finding of an accessory tendon located between the extensor digitorum communis muscle tendon, destined for the index finger, and the extensor pollicis longus tendon. In an… 
Extensor pollicis et indicis communis with triple slips in a bilateral case of accessory muscles of the hand
A finding in a study of an anatomical dissection of an adult cadaver that presents a rare disposition of extensor tendons in the fourth extensor compartment of both wrists is described.
Extensor pollicis longus superficialis and extensor indicis superficialis, can they be considered as a new anatomical variation in the long extensors of fingers?
Findings improve that variations of the extensor muscles and tendons of the hand are not uncommon, and Anatomists and physicians should be aware of these anomalies, as they may cause physical symptoms and signs such as swelling and pain related to the hand.
Anatomical characterization of acupoint large intestine 4
The aims of this study were to observe the anatomical variation of structures around LI4 and to observe specific overlap of structuresaround LI4, providing anatomical evidence and variation into the vascular contributions at LI4.


Anatomical studies on the extensor pollicis et indicis accessorius muscle and the extensor indicis radialis muscle in Japanese.
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It seems that the former anomalous muscle supplies the extensor control of the thumb and index finger, and the latter one of the index finger only, as both muscles were innervated by the posterior interosseus nerve of the radial nerve.
Variations of the Extensor Indicis Muscle and Tendon
The extensor medii proprius was the most common variation, followed by extensor indicis radialis, and there were no clear differences in incidence of variations between men and women or between right and left hands.
The anatomical variations of the extensor tendons to the dorsum of the hand
The present findings, especially the fourth intermetacarpal space, may explain why incisions on the dorsum of the hand should be large and performed with particular care when tenoplasty or tendon transfer is required.
Anatomy of the extensor tendons to the index finger.
Anomalous course of the extensor pollicis longus: clinical relevance.
The extensor pollicis longus (EPL) is a consistent structure with rare anomalies, the most common being a group of different tendon duplications passing through the fourth compartment without
Distribution of the extensor tendons on the dorsum of the hand
The patterns of the tendons of extensor digiti minimi, extensor digitorum, and extensor indicis have been studied on the dorsum of the hands of 25 embalmed cadavers.
III. On some varieties in human myology
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The paper gives the results of the author’s observations on human muscular riations observed during the last fifteen years, and extending over upwards f six hundred subjects, and classifies these muscular variations as follows.
II. Investigations of the specific heat of solid and liquid bodies
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In the first part the author discusses the earlier investigations on the specific heat of solid bodies, and on the relations of this property to their atomic weight and composition. In this
Le muscle surnuméraire extenseur commun du pouce et de l’index
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